#TheHonorProject - FAQ's

For questions not answered below, please contact us at oplegacy@travismanion.com


I ordered a shirt and/or a flag. When will my items ship? 

If you complete your order before May 10th, your items will ship on May 15th. For all orders completed after May 10th, please expect a 2 week shipping time. 


How many flags may I sponsor? 

Anyone can sponsor or purchase as many as they like. 


May I submit my battle buddy? 

At this time, The Honor Project is accepting submissions from families of the fallen. We encourage you to reach out to the family of your battle buddy to let them know about The Honor Project. 


Can you visit my loved one at my local National Cemetery in my state or is ANC the only location? 

For 2021, The Honor Project will only be visiting Arlington National Cemetery. We hope to expand our efforts in the future. We encourage you to purchase a handcrafted, American combat Veteran-made Flags of Valor flag with stand for your own memorial at home. 


May I order and place a flag at my local cemetery? 

We encourage you to order a flag and place it at your local cemetery in accordance with their guidelines. You may share your memorial with us on Twitter using the hashtag #TheHonorProject.


I registered as a volunteer. What are the details for Memorial Day weekend? 

We will contact registered volunteers in May to set up details, meet-up spots, time slots, etc. We are ensuring that our event will adhere to all ANC restrictions. We will create the best plan for metro, possible parking, rally points, etc. Volunteer registration will be turned off once we secure enough for the weekend and there is no cost to volunteer and a special Honor Project shirt will be given to you as well. Thank you for joining our patriotic network of volunteers -- we will be in touch.


Families of the Fallen 


I am a Family of the Fallen with a loved one buried in Arlington. Does it cost anything to submit my loved one to be visited?

There is NO cost to submit your loved one for a visit.


I am a Family of Fallen. Can I also volunteer? 

Absolutely! We encourage families of the fallen to volunteer. Please register at the link on our website and event organizers will contact you with details in May. 


Where can I see that someone has visited my loved one?

Our volunteers will post the photo you provided of your loved one along with a photo of the visited gravesite on Twitter using the hashtag #TheHonorProject. If you have a Twitter handle and provided it in your submission you will also be tagged in the post. We also anticipate posting pictures on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 


What if I do not know the grave site location? 

That is okay. Please provide your best estimation. Even the section number is extremely helpful.


What if I cannot get a photo of my loved one uploaded?

That is okay. Your loved one will still receive a visit at their final resting place in Arlington.